I must be mad…..

Posted on May 7, 2017

Shut up you at the back, wondering how I’ve only just worked that out!

So, 12 months ago we had an unexpected change of circumstances that meant my husband could look to retire earlier than we had thought. Next thing you know we’re talking about moving, now we knew he didn’t need to stay in his job. Within a short while we’d made a firm decision to do this, but getting to the point where we could actually make plans and have some dates in mind wasn’t so easy. After months of looking at properties online and a couple of aborted attempts to go and look at some, we finally managed a solid few days viewing recently. On the last day we had put aside for this trip we had only one house lined up and we were so exhausted – and a tad despondent – after all the others, we very nearly cancelled the appointment. You can see what’s coming next, can’t you?

Walked in the front door and thought “Yes! This is the house for us”. Long story short: found a B&B to stay an extra night, went back for a second look the next day; made an offer which was accepted, and should be completing on June 21st.


While all this house-hunting was going on, my husband and I were busy setting up a small business, so I was alternating between devouring Rightmove & pestering Estate Agents with questions, building a website, talking to accountants, setting up a company and being nice to prospective clients. Not too much then…

It’s going to be a busy few months ahead.  I thought I was retired and had settled for an easy life? ;)

West Yorkshire here we come.


Well, here we are again. Again.

Posted on March 17, 2017

It finally happened: this site got hacked. God knows why –  it would appear that it was done just because it could be done, more out of a form of mischief  than anything else.  Why those nasty, malevolent, probably pustulant,  little berks think this is amusing or clever beats me.

Anyway, my hosting company recommended having the site cleaned in case any malicious code had been installed. I looked into a few DIY options and, after my little brain had exploded – and then exploded again when I saw what it would cost to have someone do it for me – I realised I was going to have to bite the bullet, delete the lot and start afresh with a new install of WordPress. Oh such joy.

Then, of course, I decided that I really ought to do that whole security/SSL thing properly, especially as my host offers a freebie for this. Not that a site like this needs it but still….  So, 5 days later (it only felt like 5 weeks)  I finally have a functioning – and secure –  website. I’ve nearly lost the will to live re-uploading all the images and wondering whether to reorganise them and, if so, how.  I might get that finished in another few days *fingers crossed*. Hey, that means I can say “come back later and see what’s (sort-of) new”!

Time for a well-deserved snifter :)